How does a descaler work?

A descaler is a cost effective way of protecting different elements in your house that work with water from lime scale. The descaler uses siliphos crystals which slowly dissolves into the water and keeps Calcium and Magnesium in suspension. It is important to note that the Calcium and Magnesium are still present in the water, but will not form a scale on the elements. The water will in other words still taste the same and have the same characteristics as before. The sole purpose of the descaler is to lengthen the lifetime of elements such as pipes, geysers, kettles, washing machines etc. by preventing lime scale from forming on them.


  • The descaler has 40mm female in and outlets to accommodate different size pipes and can be reduced to smaller pipe sizes if necessary. The descaler has 5kg of siliphos crystals on the inside and these crystals have to be topped up as they dissolve with usage. The frequency at which they must be topped up will depend on your usage and water quality.
  • Optimal flow rate is 1500 liters per hour, but can handle a maximum flow rate of 3000 liters per hour
  • It is important to note that in some extreme cases where there is excessive lime in the water, the crystals can start to melt together and cause blockages. If there is excessive lime in the water a water softener may be a more viable option.