How does a mega char work?

The mega char is a vessel filled with three layers of media designed to filter municipal water. The first two layers are aimed at the removal of large particles and sediment from the water. The last layer is coconut shell activated carbon which fills the majority of the vessel. This will also filter the water but is aimed at the removal of chlorine, VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) and bad tastes and odours from the water. The tubular designs that is used, makes it more effective than similar filters because of the longer “detention time” that the water has with the activated carbon. The activated carbon has the ability to adsorb some chemicals, chlorine and VOC’s. The water flows from the top down through a tightly packed bed of media, which allows the water to be filtered completely. Pushing up through the riser tube, the water is directed to either filter, backwash or rinse. The backwash and rinse cycles ensures that the filter stays clean on the inside and prevents the water from forming tunnels through the media. It also extends the lifetime of the media.

Why a hydro wellness mega char?

  • The mega char stands head and shoulders above similar products for whole house filtration.
  • The backwash and rinse capability lengthens the lifetime of media and ensures lower maintenance fees.
  • The tubular design ensures a longer detention time with the activated carbon which increases the effectiveness of the filter.
  • The vessel is a Wave cyber fibre glass vessel which can handle a maximum pressure of 150 psi.
  • The grey colour of the vessel prevents algae growth on the inside.