Ultra Filtration Purifiers

Ultra filtration is a great alternative to reverse osmosis water purification. It is capable of operating on low incoming water pressure, doesn’t waste any water and requires no storage tank. It removes viruses, bacteria as well as fine suspensions from the water, while leaving the minerals in the water.


  1.  Minumum operating pressure 30psi (2 bar) 
  2. 5 stages of filtration ensures great quality water, the following processes are used:
  •  5 micron sediment filter for the removal of sediment, silt and lose particles.
  •  Two coconut shell activated carbon filters for the removal of chemicals like chlorine and organic contaminants like endocrine disrupting hormones.
  •  Ultra filtration membrane for the removal of bacteria, viruses and fine suspensions.
  •  Taste and odor filter to ensure great tasting water.

Advantages of ultra filtration:

  • Is capable of purifying with low water pressure
  • Doesn’t remove minerals from the water
  • Doesn’t alter the PH of the water
  • Removes all bacteria and viruses
  • Requires no storage tank
  • Doesn’t waste water